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FACEBOOK Nudity Shaming
Spring 2018

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The morning after: A written account by the naked woman

Last night I hosted a dinner party at my flat in Budapest. 7 strangers were invited to sit at my table, while I lay naked in front of them.

Celebrity chef AbdelHafez AlHyassat (originally from Jordan) came into Budapest to prepare a rock-star four course meal, served on handmade ceramics by a well-known local artist in Hungary, Judit Lantos.

It was a social experiment in objectification, intending to exploit personal vulnerabilities.

  • Are the guests exploiting me as I lay naked?  Will they ogle and touch my naked body?

  • Or am I objectifying them by asking them to speak about the subject matter of my choice?

  • What about the topless hot waiter serving my guests? (He was there purely for my own delight)


As I lay on the table waiting for my guests, I felt peaceful and calm. A cloth covered my eyes, so I could not see. As the door opened and I heard the guests gather around the table, my adrenaline rose. I felt their gaze. I did not feel exposed.


However, there was a discomfort of wanting to somehow control or manipulate the situation … as a host I wanted to say hello, introduce myself, Which I did. I don’t know how I could have anticipated the discomfort I felt.


John, the Dinner Master, wore a mask throughout the evening, and sat at my head. He did not eat, but was the facilitator of the conversation, and asked pointed questions. He knew the guests’ identity and some of their secrets, but they did not know his. He had chosen them from over 70 applicants.


After the guests sat down, they went around the table and introduced themselves… Their first names and their country of origin. We had representatives from many countries. Hungary, of course… and Latvia, Italy, Egypt, to name a few.


Food was placed on my body at different times throughout the meal, in coordination with what was being served. The conversation ranged from sexual consent, #me too, and the combination of cultural perspectives and sexual practices.


During the desert course, chocolate was sprinkled over my body. One of the guests took a long devilish lick from my belly. It. was. delightful.


I felt truly vulnerable was when my blindfold came off, and sat up on the table, looking into the eyes of my guests. I was shocked to see these faces, as I had built an impression of what they look like in my mind. So here I was, stark naked, covered in chocolate… the exposure I felt seeing them was a stark contrast to the anonymity I felt with the blindfold on.

Creator of Dinner Party Budapest


The Menu

Course 1


Green green apple, cucumber, fennel, celery, mint, black pepper and olive oil salad and gazpacho


Course 2


Salmon salmon, beluga caviar, pineapple, edamame, honey melon, mango, lamb lettuce, gherkins, cloves and papaya purée


Course 3


Duck breast duck breast, purple cauliflower cream, green asparagus, rhubarb strawberry compote, baby carrots and marasmius.


Course 4


Molten chocolate cookies and dark chocolate ice cream